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"Toplogaz Engineering" Ltd. is a modern and fast growing company.Eestablished in 2003, demonstrated it`s professionalism in the construction of installations on natural gas and butane gas, infrared heating, steam and substations for high pressure steam, heating and plumbing installations , fire-fighting equipment and commissioning of burners, supply and installation of biomass boilers.
The high level of quality of services offered by the company is achieved thanks to good organization and highly qualified team.

Company policy is based on the following principles:

  •   Honesty in relationships with business partners;
  •   Individual approach - implementation of technical solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers;
  •   Quality of the work;
  •   Use of quality materials.

"Toplogaz Engineering"

San Stefano str

fl. 1, ent. B, app.2

5800 Pleven


Fax: 064/804-667


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oertli wilo


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